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I am Jorge Tse.

Image by averie woodard

I am a full-time personal photographer .


I truly believe in my vision...

To discover and capture in a unique way those free souls who wants to experiment how does it feel being inmortalice with genuine portraits. ​

Being PERSONAL Photographer is because nothing could be exactly the same. 

Love - dreams - fears - secrets - skins - energy 

is always so different on each human been. 


" There is no tomorrow, life is now. It deserves what we want."

Image by averie woodard

I have the HONOR to share my life with my best friend. 

My endless love. My rock. 

She literally is the biggest reason of my style of photography. The way we love each other is the way I discover how amazing could be just a touch. 

A share breading. 

A hug. 

This is a little piece of my world. 

The most important one. 

Aviana Ferlizza-6 (1) 2Lista-Editar-2WEB

( Y o u r   e n e r g y   -   Y o u r   S t o r y )

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