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Anais & Aaron. Engagement

Anais  Aaron - 132-Exposure WEB.jpg

If the end of the world was near Where would you choose to be?

If there was five more minutes of air

Would you panic and hide?


Or Run for your life?


Or stand here and spend them with me?...

The engagement photo session of Anais & Aaron was just amazing.


They have THAT connection where you can find the power of the love.  This photo session on Conrad, located on the beautiful punta de mita.  

The sunset was perfect. We talk a lot about their wedding and also how they love to be photographed. 

This is the reason of the engagement / pre wedding photo session. 

We spend like 3 hours together talking, walking knowing

each other and taking photos around Conrad. 

I lose my mind with their wedding photos. it was freaking amazing.!!! 

My soul will find yours. 

20°47'32.0"N 105°29'15.5"W

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