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Frequently Asked Questions. 




Q. // How many hours you can stay on my wedding day? 

For me every wedding is a story sooo

I cover it from start to finish.

When I say all day cover, I mean no time limit. 

( I average 12 - 14 hours per wedding // 6 - 8 hours per elopement or intimate weddings ) 

I follow the events during your wedding day with my cameras and the final result is an organic and natural record of your celebration // spiced up with my artistic touch. //

When I photograph the couples, celebrations and important events I focus on their emotions, feelings and their connection with each other, rather than the cheesy poses


Q. // How much it cost and what's included? 

My pricing is simple



  • Engagement photo session 

  • Full coverage day before the wedding 1 photographer

  • Full coverage wedding day 2 photographers 

  • Full coverage day after the wedding 1 photographer

  • Lighting assistant on wedding day

  • Trash the dress anywhere in the world

  • 1000 Guaranteed Photographs  

  • Password protected online gallery

4 900 USD



  • 2 Photographers 

  • Lighting assistant 

  • 450 Guaranteed Photographs 

  • Full Coverage (up to 12 hours) 

  • Password protected online gallery

3 400 USD




  • 1 Photographer

  • Lighting assistant 

  • 300 Guaranteed Photographs 

  • Coverage (up to 8 hours) 

  • Password protected online gallery

 2 900 USD




  • 1 Photographer

  • Lighting assistant 

  • 200 Guaranteed Photographs 

  • Coverage (up to 6 hours) 

  • Password protected online gallery

2 400 USD



Fine Art Box + Photo book // 1600 USD

 Wooden box with fine art prints // 400 USD

Engagement //  400 USD 

Trash The Dress // 400 USD 

Second Photographer // 80 per hour USD

Prints // Canvas // USB

Photo booth 2 hours // 400 USD 

Photo booth 3 hours // 500 USD

For more information please contact me on:

+1 (52) 33 22 41 88 77

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Q. // How far in advance do we need to hire your services? 

As long as I have the date available :) 


 Most clients hire me with about 6 - 8 months in advance, sometimes more.  

Q. // Do you have any payment plans?

Yeees! To secure your spot on my calendar you may need to cover 20% of your package.

The other 80% can be split up to 4 payments. 

Could be in cash // Credit card or Paypal.

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Q. // How long it takes to receive my photos? 

No more than 6 weeks :D 

My services always are focused to give you a great experience, so when I start to select and edit your photos, there is nothing more on my mind, Only the photographs of your love story.

Q. // How we can share our photos with family and friends?

As a professional photographer I use professional tools.


So you will get a beautiful secured password online gallery

with your photographs, it is micro-web site where you will be able to watch, share and download all photos in the best quality. Also order prints, photo books, canvas and more. 

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Q. // When and where we meet you? 

I Alwaaays make a pre-wedding meeting with you where we can check the minute by minute so we don't miss nothing. 

Could be even I night before your wedding day. 

Also most of the time couples hire me for a pre-wedding photo session because they know Me as a local resident of Vallarta I know AMAZING and secret places where we can spend a great time together doing photos in a very relaxing, private and exclusive place.  

If you don't have site inspection or the time to make the pre-wedding photo session on those unique places; we can make a Trash the dress photo session. 

Q. // What happened to my dress I decided to make a "trash the dress photo session"?

Absolutely nothing! :D 

The name of this photo session is just because after the wedding day everything is more easy going. 

We can make more "risky" pictures, walk near the water or hike a mountain with your wedding outfits. 

One laundry and it will be PERFECT again. 

This is a MUST HAVE session for sure!!!


Q. // How do you work during the wedding day? 

Happy, so proud and honored for being with you, respectfully and taking care of all the details important for you. 

My commitment is to capture the natural course of your dream day. Focusing and documenting everything that makes it unique, that magic on you. 


Also it will be a moment where I take control to make some amazing and beautiful portraits. 

Helping you, directing you in order to have the best experience for you, looking natural and always looking just in the way you are. 

80 % Document // 10 % staged // 10 % experimenting 

Q. // If we pay for your flight, stay & travel expenses, could you discount that from the wedding package ? 

For being suuuper honest with You...

YES!!! Why not? drop me a mail and

we can talk more about it.

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Let's get in touch. 

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