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Sarah & Jake.

Sarah & Jake-1115.jpg

As A Man, I'm Flesh And Blood; I Can Be Ignored, I Can Be Destroyed. But As A Symbol... As A Symbol,


I Can Be Incorruptible.

I Can Be Everlasting...

The wedding of Sarah & Jake was celebrate in a beautiful venue on Riviera Maya Haciendas. 


I was so happy for be part of this particular celebration, Jake's energy are so enigmatic and Sarah's is simple extraordinary. 

The way we create this photographs was beautiful chaotic and unpredictable. 

I truly enjoy it besides I was with hand by hand with Fer Juaristi cover my back with their sensitive way to capture memories on photographs. 

Sarah & Jake-1478.jpg

"Just let me adore you, like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do."

20°29'54.1"N 87°13'53.9"W

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