I'm a Love-storyteller who loves to capture connections in the most natural way.


I'm Jorge Tse!! :D 

It will be a pleasure to know You!

It is ALWAYS nice to meet more people.

Photography is my voice. 

And instead of writing something random about me, I prefer to show all the images I made with:


That is the reason for being a PERSONAL photographer.

Do You need a Personal Photographer?


​I truly give E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!! 

Because more than photographs, I document 

M - E - M - O - R - I - E - S.  

What else is more important? 

Photograph by photograph, create something personal and unique for you.

So here I am. 

Always ready to travel ANYWHERE! 

And I mean anywhere! To capture and document how unique YOUR LOVE STORY is.


(Yes... Even across the universe)

Love-stories in PERSONAL photographs

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Based In Puerto Vallarta, México

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