The biggest honor in my life is to capture unique and personal stories. 

Love is E V E R Y T H I N G. 

Life is now.


Is there something more meaningful? 

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I am Jorge Tse.

Full-time dreamer, creative and storyteller photographer. 


If I could have a super power it would have all my memories in photographs. 

What would  be yours? 

I always looking new adventures, experiences and love stories to document with my vision.

I see the world upside down:

Time can be forever and that deserve photographs with your energy. 

With a little piece of your soul on it... 


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The magic is on: WHO YOOOU ARE! 

( Y o u r   e n e r g y   -   Y o u r   S t o r y )

Contact me on my social media. Drop me a mail or call me.

& let's make visual poetry together.