· Maria & James ·

"You been changing me...

I never thought I could get the chance to be here with you.

Two crazy fools, two left feet.

Step by step, heart beat by beat.

Life’s a song and love’s a dance

So come and take my hand."

Thank you!

Thank you Maria.

Thank you James.

What a beautiful day we spend together.

Is not often to witness people with your energy and magic on your connection.

James: I have been thinking about Maria's freedom on the ocean and that brave

love for life; it's something I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with.

Maria: Something that touched my heart was the peacefulness of James's family. As we spoke, it reminded me

of my dad & my grandfather. I truly hope they could be at my own love celebration.

I cannot wait to connect once again and send this with tons of love.

I assume you are arriving in Korea, and from here, I send you the best energies for your next steps.

See you soon and please say thanks to your family and your friends on my behalf; everyone was super warm, respectful, and kind to me.

It was such an honor being there with you.

Cheers, guys!