· Maggie & Matt ·

"I will fly swift and true straight to you, like an arrow.

I've found peace in your arms.

Do we start a new life?

Yours and my spit-shone restless hearts, they were meant to

Beat one time, share one fate

From this day."

Thank you!

Thank you Maggie.

Thank you Matt.

We deeply appreciate your trust in Alex and me on your wedding day!

Being present to capture the connections you and your loved ones share was truly an honor.

The experience felt authentic, unparalleled, and exceeded all expectations.

I dedicated myself to creating this for you. In this new stage on my carrer as a wedding photographer

I want to give more to the people who have this unique connections as I witness you have.

I sincerely hope you feel this with love as much as I felt crafting it.

Big hug and a cheers with a chemex coffee cup!