What exactly is a short film?

In simple words:
Chose your [meaningful] S O N G.
And I will do the rest filling the song with micro videos of
pure moments and RAW FEELINGS.

Your energy, your song, your short film.

Your energy, your short film

A n d r e a .&. E n r i q u e

La luna & el sol.

R a c h a e l .&. M a r k

Sayulita, love and eternity.

J u l i e t t e .&. B r i a n

A visual poetry.

Irina .&. Brodie

We dont need spoken words.

Neha .&. Avi

The most incredible... energy in the entire universe.

Cynthia .&. Marco

Hold my hand until the end of the world.

Samantha .&. Dave

There is a rainbow... in your eyes.

This is the process:

I . Y o u c h o s e y o u r s o n g

After years I found E V E R Y L O V E S T O R I E

have a unique connection represented by a M E A N I N G F U L


II . B e f o r e t h e w e d d i n g I...

will listen as many times possible creating and idea around the rhythm of your music and

III . W a i t f o r i t

With your photo gallery you will receive your short film ready yo relive your wedding day in a unique creative way.


Do you use drone my short film?

If the weather and the rules of the venue allows yes for sure!! I love use couple of shots on it.

Do you record speeches and vows?

In order to preserve the vibe and the flexibility of this service, we decide to use only the song of your preference.

Could you help us to have a creative short flim?

Yes of course!! Actually trough the years I collect a playlist of the couple's songs share with me.

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Pricing & Packages


Short film video 2 - 3 min.
(your song, your short film)


Portraits & Bridal Boudoir

1 - 2 hours of coverage
Short film video 1 - 2 min.
40 Fully edited photographs