S e m p i t e r n a l

.- eternal and unchanging; everlasting.

Hi, my name is

Jorge Tse.

and this is

my poetry.

The love is the only reason to create something like this.

In the way I love, in the way I felt this world.

Is the way I capture images, is the road to follow to write this poetry.

With photographs from this life.

How you would love to be remember ?

A cosmic love story.

-Rachael .&. Alberto

All my fears disappear when my arms are around your soul.

When a men loves a woman is the world vs us. I will always choose us.

I Dancing with my eyes closed.

-Montse .&. Pablo

With that beautiful cold weather in New your city I found your warm energy melting my chest and all my beliefs from love.

You became in the only version of "feeling alive" I never felt before.

Breathe in... breathe me.

-Rachael .&. Mark

The cosmos was the witness of the connections of our love.

The exactly people, in the exactly place.

We will be forever young.

Love transcends time and space.

-Anais .&. Aaron

Time is pointless when I can see your eyes deep into my soul.

There it could be a second and means the entire life for me.

Can you feel me?

-Celeste .&. Micky

Make my sunsets warmer my love, embrace me with your arms deep into my soul.

My Love, My flower.

-Mer .&. Juanca

I will do anything for us. My endless lover.

Vengo a reir, Vengo a llorar.

-Tatiana .&. Cassio

En memoria de nuestros seres amados, en honor a la vida.

Forever yours. Forever young.

-Andrea .&. Cristian

Stay close yo my hearth, feel the beat in my chest.